Make Your Dreams A Reality And Excel Past The Status Quo By Hiring Daniella To Speak At An Event Near You

Daniella specializes in Communications and Customer Service training. 

Daniella helps you as a business owner (especially start-ups), develop a strong customer base by having top notch customer service experiences. In guiding start-up teams develop a successful collaborative working environment, Daniella's courses, discussions and seminars focus on the following:


In order to be able to do something, you must first learn how, either through observation or being shown how by someone who is already the best at what they do. Having the right skills and trades on your tool belt won’t guarantee success, but it’s surely a good place to start!

Employee Recruitment and Team Building

Success requires the right team. Only hire the absolute best to work with you. A business is made up of its employees, so always choose carefully those you want to represent you and your business, as well as those who share a compatible vision and career goal. 

Employee Retention

Why? A huge turnover rate is not something to strive for. Studies have shown that happy employees work harder, and will not only strive to better themselves, but your business as well. Plus, minimize your training costs. 

Customer Satisfaction

Why? A happy and satisfied customer is a return customer. One doesn’t build a business by losing customers or having a reputation for being rude.

Getting Fired Up!

Unleashing your passion and networking with students, professionals, and the underemployed who are looking for a change is the best way to begin your journey on the path to success. Make your aspirations happen by finding your inner gift and passion, setting goals, and following your dream. Daniella will get you fired up!

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