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I help you achieve your objectives by leveraging education, recruitment, retention, and customer satisfaction:


Continuous improvement is key in training employees and accelerating your success. I believe that everyone, regardless of their position, should constantly “try to get the job”: striving to improve themselves so that they become more effective, more efficient, better collaborators, better leaders, and more fulfilled.

Employee Recruitment/Team Building

Success requires the right team and a business is only as good as its employees…in other words, don’t think you can’t afford the right people. I teach you how to find and retain the “unicorns”…the one-in-a-million high-quality employees who best represent you, your mission, your vision, and your values. I also teach best practices for onboarding, training, and creating a cohesive team.

Employee Retention

High turnover is extremely costly for your business. I coach you on retaining quality employees and creating a supportive work culture that nurtures people’s talents and abilities; lending to:

  • more productivity
  • a happier work environment
  • greater commitment to your company’s growth

Customer Satisfaction

From the first hello to winning repeat sales, customer satisfaction encompasses the entire customer experience. My approach helps you identify and implement best practices for acquiring and retaining customers through my proven system, and turning prospects into passionate brand ambassadors.

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‘Insanely Great Customer Service’ is all about: self-improvement, personal development, professional networking, creativity, and achieving your goals.

Time to set your plan into action!