Daniella Fairbairn Releases Her Customer Service Book On Audio

New York, NY – Author, speaker, and coach Daniella Fairbairn recently released an audio version of her first book, Insanely Great Customer Service: Going Beyond Ordinary Service To Unleash Fiercely Loyal Customer Relationships.

Insanely Great Customer Service is a primer geared toward small business owners on giving the best service possible.

With information about customer experiences being so easily shared, customer service is the new business currency. Customer word of mouth and reviews are more powerful than ever and can make or break your business.Savvy business owners realize that the experience is the product and seek to control and tailor every aspect of the customer experience that they can.

Daniella’s services as a workshop leader and speaker set a solid basis for local small businesses, with a customized formula for quality customer service experiences and helping start-up teams develop greater collaborative working environments through presentations and discussions. She focuses on education, recruitment, retention, and, of course, customer satisfaction.

In the book she teaches:

  • how to build customer loyalty
  • how to provide personalized customer service
  • how to get your team to go the extra mile
  • how to train staff effectively

Here’s what some readers have said about Insanely Great Customer Service:

“Great book! I’ve been in the customer service field for over a decade and I was still able to incorporate techniques noted in this book.” – Malissa (reader)

“Daniella is passionate about customer service and it shows in this book!!” Barbra (reader)

Insanely Great Customer Service is available now in audio versions on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes, as well as on the author’s website, daniellafairbairn.com/main/insanelygreat/.


About the Daniella Fairbairn: 

Daniella Fairbairn has over a decade of community engagement experience in the nonprofit and private sectors. Her strategic leadership in coordinating community development programs; strong directorial skills in encouraging others and solid managerial skills in creating quality, effective performance have coined her the “change agent” in her various capacities. In addition to being a published author and seminar presenter, Daniella participates as a Coach in Dr. Teresa R. Martin’s Enjoy Your Legacy Coaching program. Her specialties include communications and customer service training. Find out more at daniellafairbairn.com.

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