Insanely Great Customer Service

Going Beyond Ordinary Service to Unleash Fiercely Loyal Customer Relationships


By Daniella Fairbairn Published by BLUE ARTISTS

The secret to getting a competitive edge in business is not what you think it is.

We’ve all been there.

At one point or another, we’ve all been in some establishment where the service left a whole lot to be desired.

Remember how you felt during that moment.

And now put yourself firmly in the shoes of your customer.

What makes someone choose one business over another? More importantly what will make your customers choose you?

The answer is “insanely great customer service”.

With information about customer experiences being so easily shared, customer service is the new business currency. Customer word of mouth and reviews are more powerful than ever and can make or break your business.

Savvy business owners realize that the experience is the product and seek to control and tailor every aspect of the customer experience that they can.

This book shows you how to do that! Businesses looking to improve their positioning and increase their sales will find the practical strategies here invaluable.You can’t afford to wait. New businesses start up all the time and they’re more than happy to steal customers.

Stay ahead of the game and grow your business by putting renewed energy and focus into your customer service practices. 

Insanely Great Customer Loyalty: 

How to Become a Household Name in the Home Care Industry

By Daniella Fairbairn Published by BLUE ARTISTS

Customer loyalty is essential for businesses today. Why? Because loyal customers are what help you to stand out from your competitors. They are literally the key to your success.

Did you know that it actually costs a lot more to attain new customers than it does to keep existing ones? All businesses want to save as much money as possible - and focusing on customer loyalty can help you reach that goal.